Alternative Engineering Plastics

As the plastics experts, Alternative has a number of quality plastic and advanced technologies, allowing our high engineering standard to continue. For over 20 years, Alternative has provided quality engineering procedures and strives to continuously provide exceptional customer service.

At Alternative, we engineer:

Alternative Engineering Services

Alternative Engineering are the leaders in engineering plastics, providing quality engineering services to businesses throughout Australia. At Alternative, we are equipped with all of your plastic engineering needs and we will ensure you receive the most precise plastic components in Australia.

Our professional and timely engineering services include: In addition to our onsite reverse engineering, polyurethane moulding and manufacturing, CNC milling, turning and routing, industrial rubber extrusions and polyethylene wear strips, change parts and rollers. We offer our customers the highest level of customer service and design support. Here at Alternative, we provide the highest quality in precision and surface finish and give customers the most advanced CNC machining Australia wide.

Alternative CNC Turning, Milling & Routing

Alternative Engineering understands the importance of quality CNC machining, which is why we strive to maintain our position on the leading edge of precision machining technology. We offer customers the full CNC machining service, ensuring complex parts are machined in a timely matter.

As the leaders in engineering plastics, our highly qualified engineers will use our CNC machines to drill, bore, ream, tap or mill; ensuring parts are machined to the highest standard. Our advanced CNC machining centres are able to perform multiple tasks and functions that allow us to produce quality components.

To Increase accuracy, reduce costs and improve functionality of your parts contact o Alternative Engineering today on 1300 558 220 or submit an online enquiry form.

Why Choose Alternative?

Alternative has been engineering plastics for over 20 years. We are not only experienced and equipped but eager to help with all of your plastic engineering needs.

At Alternative engineering we have Australia’s largest dedicated manufacturing facility for providing machined plastic precision components

The precise manufacturing techniques we employ have been proudly handed down from one generation of tradesman to another. Our company’s foundations are based on this traditional machining know-how combined with the latest-generation technology.

As a result, we design, produce, assemble and fabricate what experts agree to be the most precise components in Australia.
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Our goal is to stay on the leading edge of precision machining technology. We offer our customers a complete range of CNC machining services along with design support and the highest level of customer service. CNC machines enable us to provide the highest quality in precision and surface finish, as well as the most competitive pricing deliveries.


Whatever your cut to size plastics requirements, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver. Plastic sheet, tube and rod cut to your specifications for whatever products, size and shape you need. As well as supplying your cut to size plastics Alternative Engineering also offers services in welding, machining, drilling, diamond edge polishing and bending.


Working extensively in industrial and complex plastic fabrication, we are focused on being able to provide a plastic fabrication service for complex and difficult items. Our projects to date range from detailed and highly stylised Acrylic display shelves, Polycarbonate machine guards and High Density Polyethylene chutes.